Wikimedia Foundation Learning Days

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We are happy to inform that we will be hosting a new Learning Day!
In addition to the core Wikimania conference in Montreal, the Learning and Evaluation team at the Wikimedia Foundation organizes pre-conference Learning Days. During these days, there will be workshops on program design, evaluation, and communities learning on Wednesday and Thursday, August 9-10.

This year, participants will be selected along two tracks according to practice and knowledge:

  • Traditional Learning Days track: Pre-conference participatory workshop sessions on program design, evaluation, resources, learning, & community engagement for folks working to implement programmatic and community engagement activities in their home communities.
  • New Leadership Development track: Pre-conference sessions for affiliate representatives who are focused on developing leadership for programs and community building through train-the-trainer and other skills development approaches in their home communities.

If you would like to focus on developing programs for the first time in your community and have never attended a Learning Day before, we will have options prepared for you. Alternatively, if you have attended Learning Days before in past conferences and have already accrued experience in implementing Wikimedia Programs, we need your help! Aside from having advanced workshops for experienced program leaders focused on leadership development, we also want your help in co-hosting trainings and presenting what you know to others.

Registration & Selection

Registration for the Wikimania 2017 opens on Monday, May 8th. In the registration form, you may indicate your interest in the pre-conference Learning Days among a handful of pre-conference opportunities. By stating your interest, you are automatically registered for the Learning Days selection process, however, only a limited number of slots are available. Selection will begin the first week of June, for the best opportunity at selection, please register by June 1st, 2017. Qualification does not guarantee participation. Participants who apply prior to June 1st will be selected based on the extent to which they demonstrate the selection criteria. Following June 1st additional qualified applicants may be approved until there are no open slots remaining.

Should demand be less than expected, restrictions may be loosened. Follow-up communications and notifications will be sent beginning in June 2017. If you have any questions, please reach out to Maria Cruz (

Selection Criteria:

The selection criteria for Learning Days include that all participants must be endorsed to participate by their affiliate group and demonstrate evidence of at least 3 of the following to qualify for participation:

  • You want to teach back home what they learn.
  • You have implemented one or more programmatic activities in the last 12 months or you plan to implement one or more programmatic activities in the next 12 months.
  • You have engaged, or plan to engage, in learning and evaluation practices in order to learn about their program outcomes.
  • You are interested in teaching about community programs and/or engagement activities at Learning Day.
  • You have taught or presented in a Learning Day event in the past.
  • You have demonstrated application of something they learned at a past Learning Day event.
  • You are working to develop and/or lead skills training workshops for leadership development in their home community (e.g., skills development for community engagement, community health, program design and evaluation).


No more than one participant per affiliate group with exception of relevant teaching partners from the host affiliate and/or people associated with an affiliate group but acting as representative of a committee or other movement body.

See full event page on our portal.