If you are not on list list either you registered after July 17th and your information will be added to later or you opted out of having your information published during registration.

If you are not here and would like to be, add yourself. Also everyone should take a moment to add more information about what you will be working on, what you can help out with, and how other participants can get in contact with you.

Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Participant Information

First name Last name Interests, contact information, links to projects; what do you want other participants to know about you?
Aaron Halfaker
Abraham Taherivand
Adam Shorland
Adam Wight ORES, on-wiki social context, offline editing
Alaa Najjar
Alexander Power
Alicia Fagerving
Amanda Bittaker
André Costa Wikispeech, WLM, pywikibot and more!
Andrew Otto
Anmol Wassan
Azra Causevic
Bartosz Dziewoński
Beat Estermann
Benoît Evellin Wikimedia Foundation community liaison, hackathon facilitator
Biplab Anand
Birgit Müller
Bodhisattwa Mandal
Bohdan Melnychuk A bot master, templates editor and occasional script and tool writer. No "real" programmer though
Brian Wolff MediaWiki Core, Security, MediaWiki extension development
Brion Vibber
Bryan Davis
C. Scott Ananian
Caitlin Cogdill
CAMELIA BOBAN Analyst programmer in Java Enterprise environment. I partecipated, in various team, to many hackathons in Rome (sometimes winning), never a wiki one. So I'm interested in tools we can create for education, metrics & for simplifying our work.
Carl Fredrik Sjöland
Caroline Becker
Cesar Gomez
Chad Nelson
Charlie Incabell UX-Designer
Chase Pettet
Chris Koerner
Christoph Jauera (WMDE) WMDE-Fisch
Dan Garry All things Editing
Daniel Zahn-Nabkel
Daniel Mietchen research-related initiatives, especially WikiCite, including validating Jupyter notebooks that are cited on Wikimedia projects
Daniel Kinzler
Danny Horn
David Barratt
David Causse
David Chan
David Richfield Hobby programmer with one project on Tool Labs: https://github.com/slashme/parliamentdiagram . Friendly and helpful.
deborah tankersley
Derick Ndimnain Alangi
Derk-Jan Hartman Volunteer MediaWiki developer, English wiki admin. JS, CSS, gadgets, accessibility, mobile etc.
Diego Saez Trumper
Dmitrii Rozhkov
Dmitry Zhukov
Doug Taylor
Douglas Scott
Ed Sanders
Edward Johnston
Eileen McNaughton
Elliott Eggleston
Emmanuel Engelhart
Envel Le Hir Working on a tool for Submissions/Transl-a-thon: Wikidata in your language.
Eran Rosenthal
Erica Litrenta
Erika Bjune
Ester Pantaleo I'm developing a tool to visualize the etymological tree of words extracting data from the English Wiktionary with a grant of the Wikimedia Foundation. Check the tool at http://tools.wmflabs.org/etytree
Ewan McAndrew Wikimedian at the University of Edinburgh - interested in learning new skills and how hackathons can ameliorate some issues with project workflows in addition to finding out what would be involved in the university hosting its own hackathon
Felix Nartey
Fotios Tsalampounis
George Hunt internet in a box
Gergő Tisza
Gitta Wilén
Giuseppe Profiti Research, artificial intelligence and tools aimed to help editors and affiliates
Greg Grossmeier
Gregory Varnum
Greta Doçi
Hüseyin Hakan Özdemir
Imogen Middleton
Isaac Hutt
James Forrester
Jan Groh GIS, cartography, project managment
Jan Ainali Wikidata, WLM, video, 360 and 3d.
Jayanta Nath jayantanth Wikisource, Wikidata, Bengali Wikipedia
Jan Dittrich
Janosh Becker
Jason Evans
Jinal Foflia
Joaquim Gil Hoernecke
Johanna Mayr (almost-)newcomer, interest in mathematics, c++, fortran and fixing bugs
Johanna Strodt
John Lubbock
Jonas Kress
Justin Du
Kai Frederick Kleinheuer
Kartik Mistry
Katherine Horn
Katie Chan
Katie Filbert
Keegan Peterzell
Kim Schoonover
Kunal Mehta
Léa Lacroix
Leila Zia
Leon Ziemba
Leszek Manicki Wikidata, Wikibase
Liridon Selmani
Lluís Madurell Alemany
Luca Martinelli
Lucas Werkmeister
Lydia Pintscher Wikidata Product Manager
Maarten Dammers
Madhumitha Viswanathan
Magnus Manske
Mako Bates
Manuel Arostegui I am DBA, if you have MySQL questions come to me!
Marek Stelmasik
Margaret Epps
Marius Helmut Hoch
Mark Bergsma
Martin Kraft
Martin Poulter
Martins Brunenieks A seasoned programmer without experience with contributing to open source projects.
Matthew Flaschen
Matthew Lehr
Mervat Salman
meryem eren onuk
Michelle van Lanschot
Minh Nguyen
Moriel Schottlender
Nahid Soltan
Neil Quinn
Nick Wilson
Nicolas VIGNERON Wikidata, Wikisource, etc. (fr, en)
Niharika Kohli
Nihat Valizada Hello, I am from Azerbaijan, Baku.Contributing to English Wikipedia is a hobby for me. I'm also active on Azerbaijani Wikipedia. I am sysop of Azerbaijani Wikipedia. I love getting to know new people and getting new information.
Nirzar Pangarkar
Pau Giner
Peter Gallert
Petr Bena
Pierre-Selim Huard
Prachatos Mitra
Rachel Farrand rfarrand@wikimedia.org IRC:rfarrand, hackathon organizer
Raja Raman Sethuram
Richard Farmbrough
Roan Kattouw
Robin Pepermans
Rummana Yasmeen
S.Subramanya Sastry Parsoid, Parsing, Wikitext
Sage Ross @ragesoss
Sam Wilson
Sam Reed
Sandra Becker
Sandra Fauconnier
Sandra Müllrick
Sebastian Berlin
sejal khatri
Siebrand Mazeland hackathon organizer
Simon Legner
Srishti Sethi @srish_aka_tux Wikimedia Foundation developer advocate, hackathon facilitator
Stanislav Kozlovskiy
Stefan Fussan
Stephane Bisson
subhashish panigrahi
Susanna Ånäs I will be working on documentation for the GLAMpipe upload tool for Commons images and data for Wikidata, and presenting it to anyone interested. Also, it's possible to contribute to the project at the hackathon! @susannaanas
Sylvain Boissel
Talha Ahmed
The one... The only.... Seddon
Thiemo Mättig
Thomas Pellissier-Tanon Wikisource, Wikidata and askplatyp.us
Tilman Bayer Data analysis
Timo Tijhof
Timothy Moody
Tony Thomas
Trey Jones
Vera de Kok
Vladimir Medeyko
Yongmin revi revi.wiki | freenode:revi, never did a good programming, most times translator or "some guy yelling at your typo".
Zita Zage
Justin Du IRC: MtDu, Telegram: mdew192837, interested in AI / Machine Learning / models, data visualization and Wikidata queries, and front-end stuff in some form of js